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120000 Ksh.
solar car washing machine

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Hollow block making machine
remove unwelcome pests from your home and compound

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solar car washing machine
Tata ace 2008 model lorry in perfect condition
Band sealer machine
Jobs & Services150000 Ksh.
band sealing machine
Hollow block making machine
Real Estate / Rental / Buy / Sell25000 Ksh.
Hollow block making machine
Hollow concrete blocks Ksh 40/-
Real Estate / Rental / Buy / Sell40 Ksh.
Hollow blocks for sale


Title Category Description Price Added Displayed

seedlings for sale

AgriculturalSeedlings for sale at wholesale price300 Ksh.2016-11-03 06:01:26655

Seedlings for sale at pocket friendly prices of from Ksh 20/=

Agriculturalhybrid seedlings for sale250 Ksh.2016-09-23 08:50:11719

Strawberry seedlings splits Ksh 10/-

AgriculturalStrawberry seedlings splits for only Ksh 10/-. We make deliveries worldwide.10 Ksh.2017-09-14 02:17:36227

Drip irrigation and drip connectors

AgriculturalDrip irrigation kits for 1/8 acre Ksh 24000, 1/4 acre Ksh 48000 , 1/2 acre Ksh 96000 and 1 acre 150k12 Ksh.2017-09-14 01:56:42197

Cocopeat and cococoir Ksh 200/-

AgriculturalCocopeat and coco coir200 Ksh.2017-09-14 01:52:15177

Grape seedling cuttings Ksh 30

AgriculturalGrape seedling cuttings at Ksh 3030 Ksh.2017-09-14 01:49:43166

Fish fingerings Tilapia and Catfish for sale Ksh15/=

AgriculturalFish fingerings for sale15 Ksh.2017-09-14 01:46:08177

fumigation and pest control services

Agriculturalremove unwelcome pests from your home and compound2000 Ksh.2017-05-03 00:13:45598

Strawberry seedlings Ksh 20/=

AgriculturalStrawberry seedlings for sale20 Ksh.2017-04-06 03:55:01395

Fumigation and pest control services

AgriculturalFumigation and pest control services2000 Ksh.2017-03-22 22:52:34579

Strawberry seedlings

AgriculturalStrawberry seedlings300 per seeling Ksh.2017-03-03 10:19:52391


AgriculturalOur poles are pressure treated using copper chromium arsanate chemical that enhance poles durability490-820 Ksh.2017-11-29 03:14:1732

Sillage bags 1000 gauge at Ksh 250 per metre

Agriculturalsillage bags 250 Ksh.2017-07-05 09:27:19170

dam liners and fish ponds at Ksh 20000

Agriculturaldam liners and fish ponds250 Ksh.2017-07-05 09:23:4190

fish fingerings for sale at Ksh 15 each

Agriculturalfish fingerings for sale15 Ksh.2017-07-05 09:20:5586

3/4 Bulk cereals tonnage for export for delivery

Agriculturaltonnes of cereals3800=I Ksh.2017-06-27 06:49:0996